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Los Angeles Spousal Support Attorney

For those faced with divorce, the amount of spousal support that they will receive or will have to pay out is one of the biggest concerns. In Los Angeles, spousal support is determined by several various factors such as the length of the marriage, whether or not young children are part of the equation, and the degree to which the spouse requesting the support has contributed to the paying spouse's ability to earn income.

In many divorce proceedings, spousal support is the largest asset that is awarded to one party, and many divorcing individuals are unaware of this fact. Some divorcing individuals will simply agree to an unfavorable spousal support amount, but fight bitterly over other assets such as home equity, other real property interests and business interests. A real eye-opener for such individuals comes when they realize that the agreed upon spousal support amount that they will pay or receive over a five, ten or even fifteen year period is much greater than the equity they had in their homes or other real property or business assets. An example of this is where the spousal support amount of $3,000 a month is to be paid over a ten-year period. This equates to a $300,000 award. If the equity in the asset that is being argued over is only $200,000, it may be in the best interests of the payer to simply turn over the asset and agree to a lower monthly spousal support payment. Spousal support issues are complex and require good investigative and valuation skills. It is an area of family law that is best left to one of the more experienced and knowledgeable spousal support attorneys.

Taking a Closer Look at Los Angeles Spousal Support

Some California courts have adopted guidelines that suggest the appropriate amount of spousal support on a temporary basis, and Los Angeles is one of them. In Los Angeles County, the guideline provides that the payer's spousal support is to be 40% of his or her net monthly income and reduced by one-half of the other party's net monthly income. California state law provides that spousal support be determined only after careful review of all pertinent factors, including income, marital assets both real and tangible, pensions, and ages of both parties. Also, whether or not a party's circumstances are apt to change in the near future will need to be reviewed. Generally, spousal support is awarded on a temporary basis during an Order to Show Cause hearing when one spouse is earning significantly less than the other spouse or is unemployed.

Expert Los Angeles Spousal Support Attorney

At the Los Angeles spousal support law firm of Sharman L. Brooks, we take a proactive approach to spousal support matters. Because such matters require a thorough investigation into both parties' income and all assets owned, we work closely with other professionals, including accountants and financial planners, to insure that all of your rights are protected. In spousal support cases, litigation can get quite expensive. Therefore, Los Angeles spousal support attorney Sharman L. Brooks encourages the use of mediators right from the beginning of a case.

As an experienced Los Angeles spousal support lawyer and litigator, Sharman L. Brooks aims to uncover all aspects of both parties' income and assets so that a complete financial picture can be evaluated and costs can be kept affordable. As a leading Los Angeles spousal support lawyer, Sharman L. Brooks has the ability to protect your interests, advocate your position, and provide you with the most efficient legal representation possible. For more information about spousal support, please contact Los Angeles spousal support lawyer Sharman L. Brooks today!

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